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YE announced Thursday night (December 9) that he had unveiled a line of Free Larry Hoover merch to support his benefit concert for the incarcerated founder of the Gangster Disciples. The collection includes a pullover hoodie, a baseball shirt, a jumpsuit, jeans in various washes, and a cap. A large part of the range is presented in a light-blue color, with the Free Hoover slogan featured throughout the collection.

KanyeWestMerch.LTD is now offering orders for the $200 hoodie, $100 t-shirt, $360 jumpsuit, $160 baseball t-shirt, $60 hat, and $400 repurposed jeans in the store. Balenciaga has produced all these items under the creative direction of Demna, who has recently dropped his last name.

Kanye West (also known as “Ye”) stepped onto the stage of the Los Angeles Coliseum alongside Drake for the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert last night. He wasn’t just going to perform some of the biggest songs of his career – he was about to debut pieces from an entirely new line of merchandise.

Although the nearly two-hour event may have ended, fans can now pick up some of the limited-edition Free Hoover merch for themselves online, but only for a limited time.

What is Free Larry Hoover Merch Available?

Six items of clothing are available for sale as merch from the concert, and each has the branding Free Hoover on it. The merch items are available for purchase through the Kanye West Official store.

This collection of clothes is engineered by Balenciaga, which indicates that it represents a continuation of the collaboration between Balenciaga and West. Furthermore, Balenciaga also created merchandise to support Ye’s latest album, Donda.

Kanye West Free Larry Hoover Merch Hoodie

It will cost you $200 to purchase a heavyweight fleece, a Free Hoover Hoodie. In white letters Free Hoover is written on the back of this powder blue hoodie. This hoodie is available in medium- and extra-large sizes.

Kanye West Free Hoover Long Tee

The Free Hoover Long Tee is available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large and will set you back $110 for the shirt. On the front, you’ll find no design on the back, you’ll find a bold white script that reads Free Hoover.

Kanye West Free Hoover Denim Jeans

Free Hoover Denim Jeans at $400 are the most expensive item on our list. It is stated in the description that they are “vintage repurposed” and that the style may vary. The Hoover name is written in black letters along the leg. The sizes available are 28. 30, 32, 34, 36, and 38.

Kanye West Free Hoover Jumpsuit

You can purchase the Free Hoover Jumpsuit for $360. It includes a hood, and the text is written again on the back of the powder blue clothing in white. It has a hood attached to it and comes in medium, large, and extra-large sizes.

Kanye West Free Hoover Baseball Tee

It is possible to purchase a Free Hoover Baseball Tee for $160. There are various sizes available in this powder blue 14oz fleece tee, with white text on the back, which is available in medium, large, and extra-large.

Kanye West Free Hoover Hat

Finally, the cheapest item is the Free Hoover Hat, which can be found here. The $60 baseball cap is dark in color with white letters that read Free Hoover across the front. This cap is available in only one size.

Kanye West Launches Exclusive Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert Merch

Toronto’s own Drake, joined by Atlanta’s DONDA artist, performed at the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert. Now, fans can get their hands on exclusive pieces of clothing, such as hoodies, shirts, jumpsuits, and denim pants. The jumpsuit, hoodie, and t-shirt come in a light sky blue color, very similar to the color scheme that Ye and Drake wore at the concert. We have printed the words Free Hoover in all caps in white block letters to emphasize their significance. It is printed on the brown cap of Levi’s jeans and the different fits of Levi’s jeans.

It is now possible for fans to order the merchandise exclusively from the Kanye West Store. Items range in price from $60 up to $400. Take a look at the merchandise available above.

Proceeds from Kanye West’s Free Larry Hoover benefit merch go to charity.

Kanye West and Drake came together to perform at a charity concert at the LA Coliseum. A report claimed that proceeds from their merch purchases weren’t being used to tackle social justice reform, but it appears that the matter has now been resolved.

Free Larry Hoover Concert Merch: All the Items on Sale

You may be able to commemorate the concert where Kanye West finally reunited with Drake by accumulating the merch available from the show.

Ye and Drake reunited on stage at the Free Larry Hoover benefit concert at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The show was held in support of Hoover, who is currently incarcerated.

How To Purchase the Free Larry Hoover Merch

If you are interested in purchasing one or more items from this store, you can go directly to the particular page posted on our store.

If you hope to purchase the merchandise as a Christmas gift for someone else or even yourself, you might be disappointed.

The items, which are made in the USA, are expected to be delivered within six to ten weeks, according to the website. There are also limited quantities available.